Beyond Expectations: Gluten-Free Baking & Robust Coffee Awakenings!

Ditch the limitations, not the deliciousness!

Tonomi Super Foods, proudly presents the ultimate pantry duo: the finest alternative to wheat flour and exquisitely rich Robusta Coffee, both free from fillers and packed with pure, wholesome satisfaction.

  • Taste of Togo

    I've been experimenting with plantain flour lately, and it's been an absolute delight! For anyone searching for a health-conscious and gluten-free alternative to regular flour, this could be your golden ticket. Plantain flour isn't just versatile in the kitchen you can use it for baking, thickening, and even making pancakes. Plus, it brings a unique, slightly sweet taste to everything it touches. A must-have in my pantry for guilt-free, tasty meals. I've used other brands but this one is quite competitive price-wise and also quality! so, quite satisfied with it.

    - KDA

  • Wake Up Light Roast

    This is a large bag of ground light roast coffee. I really enjoyed the flavor and smoothness of the coffee. The light roast is perfect if you want a coffee without a bite to it. As long as I don’t use too many coffee grounds, the coffee is so smooth and perfect. I can’t stand acidity in coffee, and there is none in this coffee if you don’t brew it too strongly. The bag is larger than most bags of coffee. It seems to be twice the size of all of my other bags. If you go through a lot of coffee, it would make sense to get this big bag. It’s a resealable bag instead of fold over like most bags, which I really liked. It seems like it would stay fresher that way. I would not hesitate to serve this to guests, although I kind of want to keep it all to myself! Highly recommend!
    - JLB2004

  • Get Up Medium Roast

    Finishing my 2nd cup of coffee this morning and I most definitely enjoyed it, great flavor and perfect for waking up and getting going. Now it’s a really large bag and for us, who drinks coffee every single day this is perfect, budget friendly for my family and good fresh coffee that we most certainly enjoy. It taste so much better than the one we get a local stores yet spending comes to the same amount. Would I reorder it? Absolutely! The only thing I did is I put it in tight container for coffee so it’s more convenient to scoop it for brewing. But honestly it’s much better than some known brands, very smooth and no weird aftertaste.
    - The Shepherds, USA