Discover high-quality gluten-free flour suppliers and retailers from West Africa. Find tapioca flour distributors and retailers in UK, Mexico & Canada for your baking needs. If you looking to supercharge your meals with nutrient-dense alternatives to traditional flours, look no further than Tonomi Super Foods! We offer a diverse range of products including Tapioca Flour, Plantain Flour, Cassava Flour, and Banana Flour, and Coffee, Tonomi is your one-stop shop for all things superfood. For buy the tonomi super food wholesale fill the form.

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Tapioca Flour, derived from the cassava root, is a gluten-free alternative that can be used in baking, cooking, and as a thickening agent. Its neutral flavor and light texture make it a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes. Tapioca flour is odorless and tasteless, so you can add it to any gluten free flour recipes and any other recipe without changing its flavor. It also helps in binding the gluten free bread flour ingredients. Use gluten free bread with tapioca flour to bake dishes that are crisp on the outside and yet fluffy, light and spongy in texture. If you’re stew is watery or your pizza crust is not crispy enough, using Tapioca flour is the answer.

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As a leading tapioca flour distributor, Tonomi Super Foods is committed to supplying the highest quality tapioca flour wholesale options to businesses and consumers alike. Our gluten-free tapioca flour is the perfect choice for creating exquisite gluten-free bread with tapioca flour and delectable tapioca flour pancakes. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cooking enthusiast, our products are designed to meet your every need.


Plantain Flour, made from green plantains, is a rich source of essential nutrients such as potassium and fiber. Its slightly sweet flavor and hearty texture make it a perfect choice for gluten-free baking and cooking. Plantain flour gives your baking a slightly heavier texture. So helpful when baking with plantain flour in certain dishes. This allows you to substitute it for alternative of wheat flour in many recipes. Sometimes denser is better and Plantain flour can help you get that result. Try it especially when making pancakes or baking banana bread, cookies, and brownies. Embrace a healthy lifestyle with our gluten-free recipe book for making your food delicios and sweat. Buy gluten free recipes book.

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Tonomi Super Foods proudly stands as a prime plantain flour distributor and wholesaler, offering a flour rich in nutrients and versatility. Explore our collection of recipes with plantain flour, including plantain flour bread recipes. For those seeking a substitute for plantain flour, our range offers excellent plantain flour substitute options, ensuring your dietary needs and culinary explorations are always supported.


Cassava Flour, a staple in many traditional diets, is a grain-free and nut-free flour alternative. Packed with resistant starch and minerals, Cassava Flour is a great option for those with dietary restrictions or looking to add variety to their meals. You can use cassava flour pretty much as you would any other flour including wheat flour. Cassava flour can be used for baking cakes, cookies, crackers, pancakes and bread. Cassava flour is fine and powdery. It doesn't have a strong taste, but is slightly earthy and nutty. Mixed with other ingredients, it becomes very neutral.

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Our Cassava Flour is celebrated for its versatility and nutrient content, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking gluten-free or grain-free options. Perfect for baking cakes, cookies, and bread, cassava flour's fine, powdery texture and neutral taste make it a staple in any kitchen. Explore the endless possibilities with cassava flour in your recipes today.


Banana Flour, made from green bananas, is a potent source of prebiotic fiber and essential vitamins. Its mild flavor and fine texture make it an excellent choice for gluten-free baking, smoothies, and as a thickening agent in soups and sauces. Besides baking, you can use banana flour as a thickening agent in soups, stews, and smoothies. Start with low quantities (1 tablespoon) and gradually add till you achieve the desired thickening. While baking or cooking with banana flour remember, it absorbs more liquid than other flours. So add according to recipe or your need.

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As your culinary adventures unfold, let Tonomi Super Foods accompany you with our versatile Banana Flour. Its mild flavor and excellent absorbency make it a fantastic choice for gluten-free baking, offering a wholesome twist to your favorite recipes. Join the multitude of satisfied customers who have discovered the joy of baking and cooking with banana flour.

Tonomi Robusta Coffee - Wake Up, Get Up, Stay Up


Robusta Coffee, known for its robust flavor and intense aroma, is a favorite among coffee aficionados worldwide. Sourced from the finest coffee beans, it offers a distinct taste experience that sets it apart from other coffee varieties. Robusta coffee is known for its health benefits. It is lower in lipid content and is lower in sugar levels as well. Most importantly, it is rich in anti-oxidants. Organically grown in Togo, Africa, this ground coffee comes in three separate roasts – Dark, Medium and Light. A perfect companion when you wake up and right through your day.

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Whether you're a coffee aficionado seeking depth and intensity in your cup or someone looking for healthful alternatives without compromising on taste, Tonomi's Robusta Coffee is your perfect match. Delve into the distinct taste experience that sets our coffee apart from the rest. Shop now and let every sip transport you to the heart of Africa, where every bean tells a story of flavor, tradition, and wellness.

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